With Protiviti’s risk management and internal audit heritage, we have gained unique perspectives on the challenges faced by every type of organization. We have used these powerful insights and our seasoned intuition to become pioneers in developing and applying best practices of enterprise risk management (ERM). We use ERM to help our customers solve complex regulatory, risk and compliance problems – and emerge with solutions that yield lasting and positive change within their organizations.


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Protiviti can help federal agencies achieve optimal business processes through ERM that result in: 

  • Scheduling the right resources with ease and confidence
  • Increased consistency, efficiency, quality and execution of effective risk management
  • Intuitive self-assessment (audit- and risk-based) supporting integrated results directly into audit
  • Embedded risk management as process owners are engaged directly
  • Consolidated risk, compliance and audit results that reduce reporting efforts
  • Management of risk trends before they materialize
  • Tracking of issues and remediation in a timely fashion

Information required for effective risk management also provides powerful insights about organizations that can drive enhanced performance. Protiviti’s Asset Management Framework can be applied at any level of an organization, providing assessments from the office/department to national levels.


Why Protiviti

Protiviti has many success stories related to ERM in the commercial sector that have taught our customers how to take the “long view” to save money, retain critical staff, protect vital proprietary information, and effectively manage and overcome potential crises. Our expertise combined with our advanced tools make us uniquely positioned to support the full spectrum of ERM needs. To support ERM initiatives, we leverage existing elements of Protiviti’s Governance Portal framework to drive industry-specialized solutions that enable specific governance, risk and compliance (GRC) domains.

We have developed a framework for identifying, validating and delivering GRC solutions that are topical. Protiviti Solutions Leaders work with industry analysts and the market to prioritize and introduce these solutions to help our clients with their current GRC challenges. We have aligned our system with a compliance regulatory alerting system that provides real-time feeds to the most up-to-date regulatory changes, automatically creating action plans and helping clients understand the impact.

ExampleOne of the world’s largest multinational general insurance providers has implemented Protiviti's Governance Portal to support their GRC initiatives. The focus of this initiative includes more than seven functional disciplines, including: Group Risk, Corporate Compliance, Business Continuity, Internal Controls and Audit. The Governance Portal was reviewed against leading GRC vendors and selected by the insurance provider based upon the configurability of the software’s platform, as well as Protiviti’s domain expertise and experience with global GRC implementations.