Christopher Louden
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Chris joined Protiviti in 2006 with the acquisition of Enspier, of which he was a founding partner. Chris has more than 18 years of experience in information technology services. He has expertise in identity management, including federation, inter-federation, Public Key Infrastructure, Identity and Access Management, and Services Oriented Architecture. His key clients are the National Institutes of Health and the General Services Administration. Chris is a key contributor to the U.S. Federal Government Identity, Credential, and Access Management Subcommittee, serving as chair for the Architecture Working Group (AWG) and PKI Technical Advisory Group (TAG), as well as the Technical Lead for the Federal PKI Management Authority. As a recognized expert in his field, Chris is a regular podium speaker in the areas of inter-federation, Public Key Infrastructure and Identity and Access Management. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mary Washington College and a Masters of Science degree from George Mason University.

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